Sustainable Procurement Champions

Nominations for 2023 are now closed.

Gain recognition from the community

…as well as from colleagues, peers and suppliers as a global leader in the industry.

Get acknowledgement deserved

…for the company’s commitment to excellence in the responsible business world.

Boost company and individual reputation

…or leading innovative best practices throughout the sustainable procurement community.

Criteria for nominations

  • You may nominate yourself or a peer. You may nominate yourself only once, but you may nominate several peers.
  • Each nominee must be a current leader of a procurement function or leading sustainable practices within the procurement function.
  • Nominees should be vocal advocates of sustainable procurement for their organisation.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated actions and policies which have reduced risk.
  • Nominees must have shown collaboration with key suppliers and partners on integrating sustainability as a top priority thus driving change throughout the value chain.
  • Nominees have enabled positive mindset and cultural change within their organisation, through strong leadership.

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