sustainability in procurement playbook
sustainability in procurement playbook 2024
Sustainability in Procurement Playbook

Sustainability in Procurement Playbook

CPOstrategy presents an unmissable journey to harnessing sustainability in procurement.




Welcome to CPOstrategy’s inaugural Sustainability in Procurement Playbook. 

Delve into the critical aspects of sustainable procurement with our detailed Sustainability in Procurement Playbook, crafted from the collective wisdom of 12 industry leaders. This guide is specifically designed for procurement professionals looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations more effectively and efficiently.

Our Playbook offers a rich blend of real-world insights and practical advice, tackling the common challenges and highlighting the significant advantages of adopting sustainable procurement strategies.

It aims to empower with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of sustainability within the procurement process.

Gain access to invaluable insights that will guide you through the process of integrating sustainability into every facet of your procurement activities.

Access our Playbook today, and start your journey towards a more sustainable and responsible procurement future.

Download the e-book to gain exclusive insights into…

  • Fostering diverse & inclusive teams
  • Building a future-proof ESG framework
  • Operating with transparency 
  • Internal engagement & upskilling teams
  • Competitor & supplier collaboration
  • Utilising new technologies

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