Paul Parzen, Director of IT at TARA Energy Services, on meeting change management challenges to drive value for the business with new tech in the Oil & Gas industry

“Continuous improvement is woven into the fabric of the culture at TARA Energy Services,” says its proud Director of IT, Paul Parzen. “Every day, we face new challenges, both operationally in the field and strategically in the boardroom. We must make sure the organisation’s IT strategy for data management, core infrastructure, network architecture, and security is ready to meet them.”

Parzen is philosophical about the journey towards success… “Sometimes we fail, but that’s okay. As long as we learn from those experiences and apply the lessons to our work going forward. We always need to cross examine how we do things. It takes trust across the management team that we’re working towards the goals of our organisation. The aim is to make everybody better and give them the ability to accomplish more.”

ERP transformation

TARA was transitioning to its ERP provider GURUS Solutions – a NetSuite & Dell Boomi Partner specialising in implementation, integration, customisation and training services – when Parzen joined the energy company in 2021. “GURUS was able to bring to the table for us the flexibility to work with our teams and processes to help understand what the options were available within the ERP, and then bring those solutions to bear. They’ve been absolutely critical to the successes we’ve had over the past couple of years.”

Net Zero tech for the energy industry

Harnessing technology for good is also a huge part of the mission at TARA Energy Services. Offering North America’s first ‘Flareless Flowback System’ for carbon capture provides a fast route to Net Zero emissions for TARA’s clients. Conventional methods of well completions involve venting of methane gas through flaring, wasting commodity and releasing significant carbon emissions into the atmosphere. TARA’s system, adding pressure vessels and a state-of-the-art compression system to capture all solution gas, negates the need for flaring altogether.

“Not only are GHG emissions reduced to atmosphere by 99.8% for well completion operations, Flareless Flowback will also increase ROI by preserving marketable commodity and increasing Carbon Tax savings,” says TARA’s CEO Scott Bissell. “This technology is not just beautiful for the environment, it’s also beautiful for our clients.”

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