The assistant will use natural language processes and AI to perform “thousands of procurement tasks”.

The latest in a small flurry of generative AI-powered virtual procurement assistants is hitting the market. Earlier this month, Relish, a B2B app developer based in Ohio, announced the release of its new procurement assistant—a virtual assistant product powered by generative artificial intelligence and designed to intuitively interact with users while performing “thousands of procurement tasks”.

“What we’re offering is a solution that truly frees users from the menial to engage in the meaningful,” said Ryan Walicki, Relish CEO, in a statement to the press. He added that the Relish Procurement Assistant would revolutionise the way businesses handle their procurement systems and processes, claiming: “By leveraging large language models, this single interface spans all procurement systems and platforms and can be custom fit to any enterprise solution ensuring workflows are never interrupted.”

The rise of generative AI

Relish isn’t the first company to utilise a combination of generative AI and large language models, like ChatGPT, to create a more naturalistic interface between users and complex systems for managing data. In November, Californian tech firm Ivalua released an Intelligent Virtual Assistant powered by generative AI as part of its platform, making similar claims that the technology would eliminate busy work, freeing up employees for more strategic activities.

Relish works in a similar way, plugging into an existing procurement management platform, and using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to “intuitively interact” with users in a conversational way, giving them detailed insight into their workflows.

According to Relish, the technology can perform numerous tasks, including supplier management, sourcing, contract management, supply chain, and purchasing.

Where Relish differs from other offerings on the market is in its alleged ability to “[adapt] to any platform and workflow preference.”

According to Jeremy Reeves, Relish Senior Vice President of Product: “The adaptability helps users get the most out of their procurement enterprise software, maximising their return on the investment… It brings a new dimension to how users will go from being taskmasters to being conductors of their enterprise systems.”

By Harry Menear

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