Tropic’s CEO, David Campbell, is transforming procurement for a world that runs on software

The world of procurement is a complex one – and it’s one that’s at odds with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) reality in which we live. Procurement was built around physical products, and the segment hasn’t yet evolved to the point that software procurement is as seamless as it should be.

The issue is that software spending has exploded out of necessity – in fact, cloud software spend is 50% higher than it was just two years ago – and as a result, many organisations are overpaying for SaaS packages that they don’t always need. A senior director of IT sourcing at a fortune 500 retailer called software, “The silent killer of your company’s budget”.

Tropic's CEO David Campbell
Tropic’s CEO David Campbell

However, procurement excellence is blooming. Experts determined to create change are coming to the fore and aligning procurement with SaaS to bring an end to the do-it-yourself way of working that decimates technology budgets. Tropic is one such game-changer, providing the tools to navigate software procurement’s complexities for competitive advantage.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Tropic is David Campbell, a born entrepreneur. He grew up on a cattle ranch in California and has always had at least one side-hustle on the go. Even as a child, he was running some form of money-making venture at any one time – but he didn’t necessarily consider that entrepreneurial pursuits were his calling until later.

Campbell studied English at UC Berkeley, and on graduating assumed he’d go into the arts. He’s a lifelong musician and writer, and he moved to a cabin in the woods to write the ‘next great American novel’. This venture, while it didn’t have the exact results he had hoped for, planted the seed in his mind that perhaps entrepreneurialism was for him because he loved setting his own hours and vision, creating a strategy, and executing that…

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