How the global construction materials manufacturer Terreal is investing in digital transformation to drive operational improvement and profitability

Interface speaks with Alexis de Nervaux, Group Chief Digital & Information Officer at Terreal, who reveals how the global construction materials manufacturer is investing in digital transformation to drive operational improvement and profitability; facilitate new synergies; improve its go to market and commercial offering and create a reliable and secured IT infrastructure.

De Nervaux wears three hats… Managing enterprise IT and its cybersecurity, network and infrastructure. Leading the internal digital transformation of the company worldwide while simultaneously delivering the external digital transformation that provides innovative applications and tools for Terreal’s customers. Delivering industrial IT systems used in manufacturing plants to implement predictive maintenance, regulate energy consumption, and manage and optimise production as part of the shift towards industry 4.0.

A global strategy

To meet Terreal’s goals, de Nervaux has identified seven pillars that will define its global strategy in the years to come…

Simplifying application coverage. Maintaining the top level of digital marketing & commerce. Consolidating the reliability of the industrial digital base. Delivering a cybersecurity roadmap. Accelerating change management. Embracing the cloud. Scaling up IT & Digital teams. Improving the governance backbone are the key areas of focus.

Industry 4.0

“The idea behind our strategy implementation is to have a structured approach that leaves the place for local initiatives,” explains de Nervaux of Terreal’s global IT digital transformation.

“Experience has shown, especially at Terreal, that by involving for example operators to define their needs and participate in feedback allows for the right solutions to be chosen and put in place. It has been the case for instance with our MES project (Manufacturing Execution System – a production management software that collects in real time production data which is analysed to improve performance).”

Digital Transformation

Beyond the transformation of both enterprise and industrial IT, de Nervaux’s team is also focused on digital transformation for marketing and commerce.

“We aim to stay at the top level for applications that drive sales,” he pledges. “This is critical. Our first priority is to offer the best tools to our sales force to help them with things like pricing, CRM, digital product catalogues and more. We also want to offer the best tools for our clients and customers.

“For example, our recently launched application, Mon Toit Terreal, is a roofing simulator that allows customers to select our products on a 3D model so they experience the final result of the rendering before they make a purchase.”

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